How It Works

Initial Home Video Study
Hands on Conference
Remote Review of your Studies From Your Practice

Provide Transmission for Definitive Care to Emergency Deparments and Consultants Phones
Save Lives By Diagnosing in the Field and Mobilizing Definitive Care Resources
Provide More Targeted Care in the Field


Interview with Pat Rupenthal

Medic Videos

The introduction will cover these topics:
  • The General Flow of Ultrasound Infomation
  • The Physics of Ultrasound
  • Knobology and obtaining the best view
  • Enhancing Vascular Access with Ultrasound
  • Legal Issues in Ultrasound
  • An Introduction to Fluid; where and how much
Scanning Organ Systems and Areas
This will cover these additional topics:
  • The Cardiac Exam
  • The Lung Exam
  • The Abdominal Exam
  • An Introduction to Obstetrics
Emergency Paramedic Ultrasound
This will cover these additional topics:
  • Shock
  • Cardiac Arrest
  • The Trauma Patient
  • Respiratory Arrest
Community Paramedicine
This will cover these additional topics:
  • CHF Evaluation
  • COPD Evaluation
  • Urinary Tract Evaluation
  • Wound Care Evaluation
  • Obstetric Evaluation

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